How can I improve the open rate of our email campaign?

Many factors impact the open rate of an email campaign. Open rate is the result of dividing percentage of emails opened by the percentage of emails successfully delivered. Uncertain how your campaign compares? Read more >>

Mix a Little Social into Your Email!

Small businesses often cannot afford big spends on marketing. So it comes down to choices. Will we get a better return on an email campaign, or should we create a social media campaign? Where do you spend your time and money? Read More >>

Tracking Email Marketing Results

What use is email tracking data? Mired in tracking data? It is not data that builds a business. It is real results. So what makes an email campaign successful? Real results and measurement methods should be reviewed often within the cycle of a campaign. Read More...

Mobile-Friendly Web & Email

Mobile-Friendly Wins The Day Worldwide more people use mobile phones than desktop computers. If ever there were an opportunity to make your email campaign and your web site mobile-friendly, now is the time.  Google announced in 2015 that it will favor mobile-friendly...

Email Marketing & Social Media

3 Ways to Integrate Social Media into Your Email Marketing Like peanut butter and chocolate, social media can be the greatest thing that ever happened to your email marketing campaign. Read More >>