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Landing Page - End Hunger

Landing Page – End Hunger in the Heartland

WinCommunications will create your next marketing campaign’s Landing Page to propel customers to take action. CALL TODAY (515-277-1127) to discuss your next Landing Page.

Landing Pages complete the process, close the sale, or confirm the registration.

Email marketing campaigns that focus the call-to-action on a CLICK should consider building a custom Landing Page relative to the email, social or search campaign.

It is frustrating to your email subscriber to click to a page that has nothing to do with the call-to-action in the email. If your email says to “Click to Register” but lands on an organization’s Home page with no clear direction of what to do next, the action stops there.

Develop is a landing page that follows through with the promise you are making outside your website. The landing page should match in language and design. It should offer all the details that did not fit in the email. It should display a clear and final call-to-action.

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